Tyre Fitting

At Arnolds Garage we can supply and fit almost any tyre the same day. Tyre condition is an important safety aspect of your vehicle, which is why we check and report on your tyres for every job that goes through our workshop.

Tyre Pressures

Tyres are designed to be inflated to specified pressures. Under-inflated tyres suffer from excessive stress and wear on the tyre walls and are prone to overheating or even sudden failure. Overinflated tyres are no better; the central region of the tyre tread bulges outwards, causing excessive wear to that area. Unroadworthy tyres due to incorrect inflation may attract a heavy fine if checked by the police.

Correct tyre pressures for your vehicle can be found in the instruction manual and often also in an easy to access location such as inside the fuel filler cap. If in doubt, ask our service reception staff to check for you. We check tyre pressures on every service, but you should also regularly check your own tyre pressures, especially before any long distance driving. With the exception of during busy periods, our forecourt staff are equipped to check and adjust your tyre pressures for you. Remember to only check your tyres when they are cold, as friction between the road and tyres heats and expands the air inside, giving an incorrect pressure reading.

There are also environmental reasons for regularly checking your tyre pressures. Under-inflated tyres increase what is called their 'rolling resistance' - meaning it takes more fuel to keep your vehicle at a given speed. Keep your tyres properly inflated to increase your fuel economy, thus saving you money and reducing your CO2 emissions.

Wheel Alignment

Symptoms of badly aligned wheels include increased uneven tyre wear and the vehicle pulling to the left or right without moving the steering wheel. Hitting a pothole or kerb can cause wheel alignment problems, but so can normal wear on the steering and suspension components. We have the latest laser alignment tools to accurately check and adjust your tracking to resolve these problems.

Wheel Balancing

Unbalanced wheels cause an uncomfortable ride and higher running costs. You can tell if your wheels are unbalanced if you get vibration through the vehicle, normally at higher speeds. An imbalance causes excessive wear in other components so it's essential to have them checked if you notice any 'wheel wobble'.

Our digital wheel balancer identifies a point at which to fit counter weights which smooth out the imperfections in the wheel and tyre. Whenever new tyres are fitted the wheel will be re-balanced. We can also re-balance any wheels at your request if you notice any unusual vibrations.

Legal Requirements

Each tyre is checked on the MOT test to make sure they have at minimum 1.6mm tread depth over the central three-quarters width of the tyre, over the entire circumference of the tyre. Tyre structure is also checked to make sure there are no dangerous cuts or bulges. Our service reception staff can check the tread depth of your tyres free of charge - just drop in.

Remember that 1.6mm is the absolute legal minimum. We recommend 2-3mm, especially in wet and snowy conditions.

Environmental Responsibility

Tyres are designed to last, making them difficult to dispose of. In fact, it is now illegal to dump tyres in a land fill. Disposing of tyres in an environmentally friendly way is expensive, which is why we apply a small charge per tyre disposed of, which includes storage, collection and recycling.

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