Special Offers

Half price MOT with every annual service

Half Price MOT Leaflet

Book a combined annual service and MOT for your vehicle to receive the MOT half price!

Call our service reception on 01428 652121 or book online.

Fixed price 55 point Winter Service

For just £49.95 we'll check over your vehicle ready for the Winter.

Offer valid from 1st October - 28th February.

The full service schedule includes:

Vehicle On Floor Action
Brake servo Check/Report
Footbrake travel Check/Report
Handbrake travel Check/Adjust
ABS warning system Check/Report
Instruments Check/Report
Switches/controls Check/Report
Heater blower Check/Report
Horn Check/Report
Interior/exterior mirrors Check/Report
Interior lamps Check/Report
Front wiper blades Check/Report
Front & rear screen wash Check/Adjust
Rear wiper Check/Report
Headlight wash/wipe Check/Adjust
Instrument illumination Check/Report
Direction indicators/hazards Check/Report
Lighting system Check/Report
Headlights Check/Report
Vehicle Fully Raised Action
Auto transmission oil Check/Report/Top Up
Steering joints Check/Report
Steering rack/box Check/Report
Steering column couplings Check/Report
Suspension joints/seals/gaiters Check/Report
Drive shaft/joints/seals/gaiter Check/Report
Shock absorbers/mountings Check/Report
Brake lines Check/Report
Exhaust system Check/Report
Vehicle Half Raised Action
Front brake pads Check/Report
Front brake discs Check/Report
Rear brake pads Check/Report
Rear brake discs Check/Report
Handbrake Check/Adjust
Tyre condition Check/Report
Tyre pressures Check/Report
Tyre tread Depths o/s/f mm
Tyre tread Depths o/s/r mm
Tyre tread Depths n/s/f mm
Tyre tread Depths n/s/r mm
Tyre tread Depths spare mm
Engine Bay Operations Action
Battery terminals Check/Lub
Battery electrolyte level Check/Top Up
Washer bottle(s) Check/Top Up
Brake fluid reservoir Check/Top Up
Power steering fluid Check/Top Up
Coolant level/anti freeze strength Check/Top Up
Auxiliary drive belts Check/Adjust/Report
Engine oil Check/Top Up
Road Test Vehicle Action
Steering free play Check/Report
Clutch operation Check/Report
Vehicle suspension operation Check/Report
Engine performance Check/Report
Transmission Check/Report
Brakes Check/Report
ABS function Check/Report
Instruments Check/Report

Call our service reception on 01428 652121 or book online.

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