Used Car Warranty

All used vehicles over £1500 on our forecourt include a 12 month warranty as standard.

The Driver policy is included automatically on any vehicle over £1500. We offer a Driver Plus policy for an additional premium which covers a more comprehensive list of components. Additional cover is also available for turbochargers, ABS systems, climate control systems and the catalytic converter.

  • Driver: Free of charge on all vehicles over £1500
  • Driver Plus: £199.95 inc. VAT
  • Additional cover: Cost dependent on make & model
    • Turbocharger / supercharger / kompressor
    • ABS Systems
    • Air conditioning / climate control
    • Catalytic converter

Our warranties are valid for 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first). Beware of other dealers advertising a warranty, as it may only be for one month or a few hundred miles!

We're keen to ensure your new car is reliable, which is why we give a full service free-of-charge to all our vehicles without existing full service history. Your vehicle will also be given a brand new MOT before it leaves us, no matter how much of the previous MOT is valid.

Please note that we ask that your vehicle is given an interim service after 6 months or 6000 miles (whichever comes sooner) to validate your warranty for the full period of 12 months or 12,000 miles. This service can be carried out by Arnold's Garage or can be carried out by a VAT registered repairer if needs to be done further away, if authorised by Arnold's Garage.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of the items included in our warranty:



Cylinder block (excluding cracks and porosity), cylinder bores and liners (excluding cracks and porosity), crankshaft, crank main bearings, big end bearings, oil pump, con-rods, gudgeon pins, small end bearings, pistons, piston rings, cylinder head (excluding cracks and porosity), rocker shaft, rockers, hydraulic lifters, camshaft and cam followers, push rods, camshaft bearings, inlet and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, cylinder head gasket, inlet manifold, timing gears, timing chains, timing belt/chain tensioner, flywheel or flex plate, starter ring gear. Excludes overheating, de-coking, burnt, pitted and sticking valves. Note: failure of timing belt not covered, however the belt is checked and replaced if necessary before the vehicle leaves us.

Rotary Engine

Rotors, vanes, rotor seals, rotor central shaft.

Manual Gearbox

Gears and gear clusters, selectors and shafts, synchromesh assemblies, ball and roller bearings, needle bearings, bushes and transfer gears.

Automatic Gearbox

Governor, valve block, oil pump, gears, brake bands, clutches, seals, servos, shafts, bearings and bushes, modulator valve and transfer gears.


Brake master cylinder.


Clutch plate, pressure plate, release thrust bearing, oil contamination (centre plate only), master and slave cylinders, clutch cable including self-adjusting mechanism and clutch damper.


Internal shafts, bearings and bushes, thrust washers, spacers and bevel gears. Planetary gear assembly, crown wheel and pinion assembly. Includes front, rear and centre differentials (excludes viscous couplings and fluid differentials.

Front Wheel Drive

Drive shafts, universal joints and couplings and constant velocity joints (excludes gaiters and bushes).

Rear Wheel Drive

Drive shafts, universal joints and couplings, constant velocity joints, half shafts and bearings (excludes gaiters and bushes).

Engine Cooling System

Water pump.

Electrical System

Starter motor and alternator.

Driver Plus


Timing belts are covered provided that the last due change of belt has taken place as specified by the manufacturer's schedule (proof required).

Torque Converter

Failure of any internal mechanical parts.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT/CTX)

Internal clutches, planetary gears, reduction gears, shafts, variable pulleys, thrust link drives, internal seals, bushes and bearings.

Wheel Bearings

Front and rear wheel bearings.


Universal joints and couplings. Bearings and rubber couplings. Includes front and rear transfer shafts on 4x4 vehicles (excludes gaiters).


Wheel cylinders, calipers, brake bias/restrictor valve, vacuum servo and brake vacuum pump.

Fuel System (diesel and petrol)

Carburettors, automatic choke, lift pump, mechanical or electrical fuel pumps and tank sender unit.

Fuel Injection System

Throttle body, airflow meter, idle control valve, cold start valve, warm up regulator, overrun cut off valve, throttle potentiometer, fuel accumulator, pressure regulator, map sensor (except injectors and heater plugs).

Front and Rear Suspension

Upper and lower wishbones, ball and swivel joints, anti-roll bars, mountings, torsion bars and coil springs.

Engine Management (ECU)

Engine Electronic Control Unit.

Transfer Box (4x4)

Transfer gears, selectors, transfer shafts, needle and roller bearings, output shafts and bushes.

Engine Cooling System

Engine thermostat, thermostat housing, viscous fan coupling, engine temperature, gauge sensor, engine oil cooler, heater matrix, radiator and expansion tank.


Voltage regulator, starter solenoid (inertia drive starters), indicator relay, front and rear windscreen wiper motor, front and rear windscreen washer motor, ignition coils, electric window motors and switches, horn, glow plug relay (diesel vehicles), electric sun roof motor and switch, central locking systems (excluding remote control unit and wiring), indicator and wiper switches (column stalks), heater fan motor, fuel tank sender unit, electric fuel pump, temperature sensing switch, oil pressure sensor, speedo head and speedo transducer, heated rear screen (element failure only), door mirror motors and switches.

Steering (including power assisted systems)

Steering rack and pinion (not gaiters), steering box, power steering rack and pump, power steering reservoir and idler box.

Working Materials

Oils, oil filter and anti-freeze are covered only if it is essential to replace them because of the failure of a part which is covered under this warranty.


If any of the covered parts fail and this damages the casing, it will also be covered.

Optional Cover

Turbocharger / Supercharger / Kompressor

The complete unit is covered providing it is of original manufacturer's equipment (includes the wastegate if it is an integral part of the unit and cannot be bought separately).

Anti Lock Brake System (ABS)

Factory fitted ABS are covered (excludes wiring and connection faults).

Air Conditioning / Climate Control

Factory fitted systems are covered (excludes pipes, unions, wiring, receiver drier and cost of regassing).

Catalytic Converter

Factory fitted catalytic converters are covered (excludes damage caused by impact, corrosion or incorrect grade of fuel).

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