Windscreen Chip Repairs


We are now pleased to offer a windscreen chip repair service, helping you maintain your vehicle in optimum condition. Windscreen chip repair can save you time and money, rather than having the more costly expense of a replacement windscreen. Sometimes the type, size and position of the damage will mean that the whole windscreen needs to be replaced.

  • A chipped windscreen could develop a crack at any time - and often when you least expect it. It could even happen when you are driving and affect your safety That's why it's important to repair a windscreen chip as soon as you spot it.
  • Save time. It's quicker and easier than replacing a new windscreen.
  • Save money. It's more cost effective to repair a chip as opposed to waiting for a crack to develop, risking the cost of a complete new windscreen.
  • Reduce the risk of it failing an MOT, avoiding the added inconvenience of a retest.
  • Repair is stress free. It can simply be booked in at your convenience.

For more information, or to book, contact us on 01428 652121.


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