Fireworks On Sale Now


Fireworks are now in stock & available to purchase. We have Special Offers for you to enjoy, buy now and don't miss out!

We have a wide range in stock (43 varieties) & on display, do come along and have a look:

Here are some ideas, to name but a few:

Rockets - High Impact £24.99

Selection Box - Jade £19.99

Roman Candle - Elektra - £16.99

Single Ignition Shot Cake – Rapture Mine- £5.99

Single Ignition Shot Cake - End Game - £124.99

And don't forget your Sparklers!

Special Offers!

Spend £50 on fireworks and receive Space Dust Catherine Wheel FREE-of-charge (Value £6.99)

Spend £100 on fireworks and receive Elektra Multi Effect Roman Candle Cake FREE-of-charge (Value £16.99)

Spend £150 on fireworks and receive Crystal Burst Rocket Pack Free-of-charge (Value £24.99)

Millions of people throughout many centuries have enjoyed fireworks. They are great fun! Enjoy yourselves!

Please ensure you follow the fireworks code to ensure your safety.


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