Fireworks Offers


Good day everyone! It's that time of the year again for fireworks and we have a special promotion for our customers to enjoy:



  • £20 get 2 Sparklers (Value £1.29 each) FREE!

  • £30 get Rapture (Value £5.99) / Space Dust ( Value £6.99) / Base Jump (Value £6.99) FREE!

  • £40 get Quartz (Value £9.99) FREE!

  • £50 get Iconic (Value £14.99) / Elektra (Value £16.99) FREE!

  • £60 get Cyclone (Value £19.99) / Energy Storm ( Value £17.99) / Jade ( Value £19.99) / Jet Star (Value £19.99) FREE!

  • £70 get Laser Strike (Value £24.99) / Pyro Pack (Value £24.99) / Topaz Skies (Value £26.99) FREE!

  • £100 get Sundown (Value £44.99) FREE!

In other words, the more you spend the better the fireworks you get free! So what are you waiting for? Our fireworks are for sale from Saturday 15th October (tomorrow!) till Thursday 10th November. Come in to our store now to take advantage of these exclusive offers (subject to availability) and explore our large collection to make the most of this festive period!

Please ensure you follow the fireworks code to ensure your safety.

Fireworks can only be sold to persons aged 18 years or older.


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